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What kind of content can I put on my App?

M-COMMERCE - Monetise and sell
  • Food Ordering
    A full menu system with images. Upload items manually or import from a CSV file. One click purchase and in App payment for orders via PayPal, and/or Cash on Delivery.
  • Loyalty Program
    Create unlimited offers and rewards with Stamp Cards, Coupons, Check-Ins and QR Codes. Incentivise loyalty and encourage repeat business with redeemable offers that can be updated any time.
  • Booking System
    Create bookable events for App users to view or complete a reservation form. Users can then choose to add the event to their own calendar and create reminders.
  • Product Shopping
    A full m-commerce shopping solution for retailers. Add unlimited products, categorised by department and brand, with full images, pricing and descriptions. Allow customers to browse, add to cart and checkout with PayPal, or alternative web e-commerce solutions.
  • GEO Listings
    Feature content such as properties, vehicles, or businesses, in a defined category structure. Listings can be GEO tagged to allow App users to find nearby matches.
USER INTERACTION - Engage with App users
  • Forms 
    Create custom forms to capture information from the App users. Clients can be notified by e-mail or SMS when actions are completed and then respond and view all action within the CRM.
  • Message Centre
    Send private chat messages, with attachments such as PDF documents and images.
  • Social Networks
    Integrate Twitter feeds and Facebook pages to your App to encourage social sharing.
  • Quizzes
    Create timed multiple choice questionnaires and allow your client to view the history of quizzes taken.
STRUCTURE - Create limitless pages of content
  • Business Information 
    Provide directions, contact information and quick call and email directly from the App.
  • App Structure
    Organise content within the App by creating hierarchical tiers to group tabs.
  • HTML Content
    Create unlimited pages of content, upload and embed online media using our simple editor.
  • Content Favourites
    Allow users to save their favourite App content pages for easy access.
  • External Links
    Link to any webpage URL without leaving the App and provide a streamlined user experience.
RICH MEDIA - Upload videos, images and stream audio
  • RSS Feeds
    Dynamically link to a RSS feed or blog and display posts directly within the App.
  • Audio Streaming
    Perfect for radio, pod casts or other audio streams.
  • Gallery 
    Add multiple image galleries to your App using a grid or cover-flow style navigation.
  • Video Directory
    Upload video content and make it searchable and browsable by category.

What is the Recurring Fee for?

The Recurring Fee (which you pay annually or monthly) gives you access to your app's dashboard where you can update your app's content, process orders, respond to interactions from users via forms, send notifications and much more. It's your app's control centre!

What is the Setup Fee for?

The one off Setup Fee pays for the initial configuration and design of your app.

What is a Progressive Web App (or PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps – or PWAs for short- offer the same functionality and responsivity as an app, the only difference being that it’s accessed through a browser, like a regular mobile-first website. It looks like an app, it loads as fast as an app, and it converts users to customers like an app.
The latest in web technology
Progressive Web Apps but look and feel just like an app, combining the best in browser and smartphone technology.

No downloading or installing
Increase conversions up to 52% by providing a faster mobile experience for online customers. 

Works on all phones
Progressive Web Apps work on every smartphone platform, offering a native App like experience without the friction of needing to be downloaded from the App stores 

Uses less data & storage
Progressive Web Apps use 25X less device storage and reduce overall data usage by over 80% on average, so customers will always have room on their home screen.

Improve SEO
Progressive Web Apps can be discovered through search engines like Google, providing greater online visibility for your business. 

Greater web security
Enhanced web security offers greater reassurance to your customers when purchasing goods, sharing sensitive data and communicating over mobile.

Will my app work on all phones?

Yes! Our Progressive Web Apps mean no more having to download your app from an App Store. Your app will instantly work on Apple, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry, in fact any phone platform with a web browser.

How easy is it for me to update the app after its launch?

Our app dashboard includes an easy drag 'n drop interface that makes updating your app after it's been launched a breeze for even the biggest technophobe!

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