Loyalty Stamp Card Apps

Keep Your Business In Front Of Your Customer's Eyes!

Wouldn't it be good to have no more tatty, scrumpled bits of card for your customers to lose or forget about! 
(and forget about your business at the same time!)

A great and cost effective introduction to using a mobile phone app for your marketing is to take your customer loyalty scheme in to the mobile age.

Each year the amount of people using a smartphone continues to increase. In 2015, 68% of the UK adult population owned a smartphone and among 19 to 31 year olds this was 91%.

With more and more people doing more and more things on their smartphone shouldn't your business be taking advantage of this continually growing trend?
A great place to start is to put your loyalty stamp cards on to your own branded Loyalty Stamp Card App. 

How Does A Loyalty Stamp Card App Work?

Loyalty Stamp Card Apps

Create as many loyalty stamp cards as you need for your business on your mobile phone app. If you need several stamp cards then this will save your clients the hassle of carrying those cards (and all their others) with them everywhere!

Then every time your customers make a purchase or a sale they simply hand over their phone to your member of staff who enters a passcode on your app and hey presto! Their "digital card" is stamped. Easy peasy!

Not quite ready? No problem!

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